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Nova Prime Developments focuses on investment opportunities in property where true value can be added through innovative design or more traditional approaches of adding square footage, Whilst we focus our efforts on the south east, we look for opportunities in other strategic locations all across the U.K
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The answer to your development needs

We are dedicated to each and every client and pride ourselves in a professional service.  The key to our service is communication and working together with the client at all stages. We are committed to our clients with a personalised service starting with planning the project and setting expectations to handing over the keys at the end of the project and meeting their expectations.  

Nova Build and Development

Nova prime developments service the build and developments needs of their clients. We are experienced in carrying out full scale renovations, new build developments as well as adding square footage through loft conversions, extensions, and building basements.

Nova Planning and Architecture

We understand that the planning process can be daunting. Whether it’s a applying for a loft conversion or a new build development, navigating the different planning rules and dealing with the planning authorities can quickly elevate costs and create unnecessary stress. At Nova, we ensure that we spend valuable time with our clients at the early stages of the project. We invest additional time during the planning stage because it will pay dividends at the later stages of the project


Bringing your expectations and vision of your project to life isn’t always as easy as it seems. The team at Nova has the development and design experience to bring our clients vision to life. If have the experience of working with our clients and finding a balance between their design expectations and costs associated with them. In most cases, we are able to deliver our clients’ vision more efficiently and cost effective than our clients’ may have initially expected.

Nova Project Management

Dedicated project management is the key to delivering our service to our clients at the highest possible quality. It isn’t just important to ensure that the project is running to schedule, but also that we are actively communicating with our clients throughout. We understand that our clients expectations may change as their project comes to life and that this may affect timescales and costs. Our project managers pride themselves in actively managing clients expectations and addressing these changes in a manner in which the affect on costs and timescales is managed efficiently.

Nova Prime Developments focuses on investment opportunities in property