House prices up 1.7% in December. - Nova Prime Developments
Nova Prime Developments focuses on investment opportunities in property where true value can be added through innovative design or more traditional approaches of adding square footage, Whilst we focus our efforts on the south east, we look for opportunities in other strategic locations all across the U.K
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House prices up 1.7% in December.

Nova Bonds house prices up

House prices up 1.7% in December.

According to data released by the Halifax, December saw a rise of 1.7% in UK house prices up from 0.6% in November.  Prices have jumped to the highest level since March, according to data from the Halifax, as a lack of supply propped up the housing market since last summer’s European Union referendum. The average UK house price surged by nearly £4,000 in December with the fastest increase in values since Brexit.  Halifax said prices in the final quarter of the year were 2.5% higher than in the previous quarter.

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