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We believe that property isn’t just about bricks and mortar. Our success comes from people. We pride ourselves in having created an extensive network of trusted property professionals that work together to ensure the success of our business. Whether it’s the clients who envision the possibilities or the team of architects, contractors and project managers that bring those visions to reality; it is the people behind the bricks and mortar that allow us to provide the quality of service to our clients.

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    Who are we?

    Nova Prime Developments focuses on investment opportunities in property where true value can be added. Whether it’s through innovative design or more traditional approaches of adding square footage, Nova Prime Developments always focuses on adding true value for their clients. We pride ourselves in looking past the bricks and mortar and investing in people. Our partnerships make us successful. Whether it’s our property finders, contractors or project managers, we aim to find success at every level through the people that add throughout the stages of each development. Whilst we focus our efforts on the south east, we look for opportunities in other strategic locations all across the U.K.

    Asset backed security

    What is my security?

    Your investment is secured by an independent Security Trustee who holds a first charge over all of the assets in the company. The Security trustee acts solely in the interest of bondholders. The Security Trustee’s role is also to monitor the security provided and report to investors on an annual basis.